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Justin Verlander Overhead Medicine Ball Throw

by MaxoutBaseball on January 19, 2012

Here is a video of Justin Verlander demonstrating the overhead Medicine ball throw. It is designed to improve explosive power for pitchers and all throwers.

Justin Verlander is a Cy-young pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.


Head baseball Coach Jack Legget Demonstrates the Star Drill

by MaxoutBaseball on February 18, 2010

Baseball drill by Clemson University's Jack Legget is great for working on change of direction and explosion, which is a must for any baseball player.  This is probably better qualified as a baseball exercise.


Should High School Baseball Players Lift Weights?

by MaxoutBaseball on January 1, 2010

This interview is with Arizona Diamondbacks Minor League Director of Strength and Conditioning Brian Niswender MA, CSCS.  He discusses the importance of high school baseball players strength and conditioning program. This interview was conducted by Worldwide Baseball Prospect.

Here is a partial list of professional baseball players that have improved their performance under Brian Niswender’s direction; Alex Cintron – White Sox, Chad Tracy – Diamondbacks, Brandon Webb – Diamondbacks, Edger Gonzales – Diamondbacks, Brandon Meeders – Diamondbacks, Jose Valverde – Diamondbacks, Robbie Hamock – Diamondbacks, Casey Diagle – Diamondbacks, Andy Green – Diamondbacks, Brian Bruney – Yankees, Scott Hairston – Padres, Lance Cormier – Braves, Oscar Villarreal – Braves, Mike Gosling – Reds, Jerry Gil – Reds, Chris Capuano – Brewers, Matt Kata – Pirates, Enrique Gonzales – Nationals and so on [click to continue…]

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