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Jimmy Rollins Kettle Ball Swings

by MaxoutBaseball on January 19, 2012

The video is from StackBaseball. Here is their description…Jimmy Rollins, an MVP shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, teaches the kettle ball swing training exercise. ?Kettle ball swing is actually something I made up for Jimmy. I thought about his movement when he is doing his trunk rotation and stuff. Basically, it’s just swinging on a lateral movement. You’re swinging upwards and we’re coming down and basically it’s using the antagonist and the agonist muscles, meaning the opposite muscles because you’re exploring one side. And then, you’re coming back down and you got to control it going back down. So it’s like coming back and forth and you’re really working the transverse abdominis and you learn how to roll your hips too and everything. It’s not something that you should be using a lot of lately. I think there is no more than like 8-10 pounds of working through the hip, following the motion and to see everything has to do with hips and explosion and be able to hit that ball. That’s what we’re trying to work on. Usually those with D3 sets of 20.


Medicine ball shotput for pitchers and hitters

by MaxoutBaseball on February 14, 2010

Explosive medicine ball shotput for pitchers and all position players.  Will increase throwing velocity.  This drill will increase hitters power.


Rotational exercise for obliques and hitting strength

by MaxoutBaseball on February 10, 2010

Half kneeling cable chop.  Knee farthest from the cable stack on the ground.  Arms straight out, chest up, and pull to hip.


Should High School Baseball Players Lift Weights?

by MaxoutBaseball on January 1, 2010

This interview is with Arizona Diamondbacks Minor League Director of Strength and Conditioning Brian Niswender MA, CSCS.  He discusses the importance of high school baseball players strength and conditioning program. This interview was conducted by Worldwide Baseball Prospect.

Here is a partial list of professional baseball players that have improved their performance under Brian Niswender’s direction; Alex Cintron – White Sox, Chad Tracy – Diamondbacks, Brandon Webb – Diamondbacks, Edger Gonzales – Diamondbacks, Brandon Meeders – Diamondbacks, Jose Valverde – Diamondbacks, Robbie Hamock – Diamondbacks, Casey Diagle – Diamondbacks, Andy Green – Diamondbacks, Brian Bruney – Yankees, Scott Hairston – Padres, Lance Cormier – Braves, Oscar Villarreal – Braves, Mike Gosling – Reds, Jerry Gil – Reds, Chris Capuano – Brewers, Matt Kata – Pirates, Enrique Gonzales – Nationals and so on [click to continue…]

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